KIDSS Kids Interacting Developing Social Skills
 Our Social Skills Playgroups are held once a week for one hour in the morning, afternoon and after school. Small groups of 4-5 children are formed based on age, developmental level and social/emotional need.


Topics to be addressed:


Attending/Being a 5 Star Listener

Getting to know yourself/ Building Self-Esteem

Getting to know each other

Listening/ Rules at school/Rules at home

Initiating and maintaining positive social


Peer Relationships/How to be a friend

Being friendly/Approaching others in a socially

  acceptable way


Cooperative play/sharing toys/sharing ideas/

  imaginary play

Being respectful

Thinking before you act

Cooperation/Being helpful/Responsible

Problem solving/Conflict Resolution

Decision Making


Working in a group/Being a group member


And any other specific concerns...






Social Thinking ® Concepts by

Michelle Garcia Winner

The Incredible Flexible You

A social thinking curriculum for preschool and early elementary years


Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings

The Group Plan

Body in the Group

Thinking with your Eyes

Whole Body Listening