KIDSS Kids Interacting Developing Social Skills


Preschool and Elementary Group Schedule

•“Caring and Sharing Buddies” is a free play when the children are paired up with another child, they decide on an activity from activity cards.  The children are encouraged to play together under the supervision of the facilitator or assistant, modeling and prompting is provided and level of play is based on the individual needs of the children.


Circle time consists of a welcome song, saying hello to each other, establishing eye contact and expressing how they are feeling using visuals and verbal interaction.  A visual schedule of “the Plan” for the session is discussed and if beneficial the children remove items as completed. A related book is read based on the topic/social thinking® concept. Attending skills are reinforced.


•A music activity provides the children with another modality to learn these skills using a creative sense.


•A structured board/card game is played at the table and is used to foster waiting and turn taking in a fun way.  The children will follow the rules and play until the game is over.


•The session concludes with a goodbye song and if time allows a simple game, song or activity.



Parents are invited and encouraged to take advantage of our resource library as well as network with other parents while the group is in session.